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Noblechairs Hero gaming chair Black Edition

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• Perfect for gaming and office chairs: developed in collaboration with eSport professionals, the noblechairs HERO series is the best gaming chair and, above all, ergonomic. The emphasis on ergonomics in the HERO edition is clearly demonstrated by the additional lumbar support, which it has been specifically designed to provide.
• First-class design: the noblechairs HERO is a lifestyle choice. For this reason, noblechairs has paid great attention to the design of the chair, as evidenced by the diamond stitching available in several colours and the stylish logos. These are then combined to make the HERO not only pleasant to sit on, but also a joy to look at.
• Top-quality materials: made with premium quality materials, the HERO series uses either high-quality leather or vegan polyurethane leather. The HERO then combines breathable cold-foam upholstery with a sturdy steel frame to achieve the perfect gaming chair.
• Ergonomic: with adjustable back and lumbar support, sophisticated tilting mechanism and flexible 4D armrests, this chair can be set up to provide an optimal fit for the user.
• Smart & sophisticated: built around a large seat and backrest, the HERO series gives users plenty of room to manoeuvre. This chair is also suitable for a weight of up to 150 kg, which is largely possible thanks to the solid steel frame and the high-quality base.

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