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How can you get a PS5 or the Xbox Series X/S for a fair price?

Nowadays, finding a PS5 or the Xbox series X with the original retail price is practically impossible. However, following our advice, we can help you to secure one from a reliable retailer. (9).png

Since the PS5 and the XBOX series X/S were launched, getting one at an original price has been difficult if not impossible for many. The reason behind the low offer is apparently a shortage of semiconductors and other essential parts. The guilty for this scarcity can be summed up in one word: CORONAVIRUS. However, factories and suppliers are expecting to return to their normal production any time soon.


On the other hand, and if we did not have enough problems with the lack of semiconductors and low production, there is another problem that we have to add to the list, the so-called "scalpers". Using bots, these people buy large quantities of units as soon as the retailers drop consoles on their websites and then reselling them on platforms such as eBay at inflated prices.

Therefore, I'll share with you the most accurate method to buy one console in 4 steps.

First step: Create a Twitter account

If you are trying to get your console but you find all retailers are out of stock, I bet you are wondering, When can you know that one console is in stock in any of the retailers?

The first advice that I'm going to give you is to open a Twitter account and download the app on your phone if you don't have one. Twitter messages are quick to check on the mobile.

But the main reason is that on Twitter there are some accounts that their job is to post news and rumours about when a console is going to be available in any retailer, and also, some of them claim that they have a type of bot that alerts them when the PS5 or the  Xbox is available in real-time. So, they will post an alert and links in their accounts and all followers will receive all this information.

Remember, securing a console is a matter of how quick you are accessing the links and pressing the buy button. Twitter is very handy in this aspect.

Second step: Select accounts to follow


The second step is to search, select and follow some of these accounts. Here I highlight that one account is not enough as not all of them cover all retailers or sometimes some accounts are faster than others, and in this case even a second is a lot of time. Keep in mind that thousands of people could be trying to get one console at the same time, so the first ones that have access are the ones who will have more chances to get one.

Also, I advise you to make sure that Twitter notifications on your phone settings are ON and also that you are receiving any notification from these accounts. Additionally, I recommend you temporarily turn off any notification from accounts that probably are not important in your Twitter account if possible. Otherwise, you will think that any ring on your phone is a potential drop.

I want to highlight that I don't promote any Twitter account in particular. I suggest you find accounts in the Twitter search bar using keywords such as:

* PS5 stock UK or Xbox series X stock UK

* PS5 stock alert UK or Xbox series X stock alert UK

* PS5 stock USA or Xbox Series X USA

* PS5 stock alert USA or Xbox series X stock alert USA

Select the ones that have a decent amount of followers, this can be a sign that the account is good. Also, you can check the comments as many followers give feedback about their results.

As soon as you select the accounts, check their recommendation and news about drops. Retailers tend to sell consoles at a specific time from Monday to Friday, and accounts holders normally remind their followers about this information. For example, Amazon normally sells PS5's between 8 am to 9 am. Game UK around 9:45 and a second small drop the same day after 12pm. Argos UK is more extreme as it normally drops consoles between 2 am to 6 am. So if you normally go to sleep very late, this retailer is a good option for you.

Third step: Create an account on each retailer website

The third step is to identify all retailers that are offering the consoles and create an account, if you don't have one, with all your information in order to speed up the process. Also, let your phone or computer save your username and password so anytime you need to get access to your account it will be faster.


Find the most common retailers offering consoles in the US and UK in the tables above, with the links to the 3 consoles if available.

twitter search bar.jpg

* Some links are not currently available. Retailers will make them available before dropping units.

* Also, some retailers tend to change the link as they want to make the job difficult for the bots and the scalpers.

Fourth step: Payment

Having a strategy for payment is very important. At this point, servers are overwhelmed with the number of people and bots accessing the same link on the retailer website, so finishing the transaction as soon as possible is very important. The website can collapse or have technical issues or sometimes people can lose the console while paying. Here, I suggest you have on hand your payment method or even better, setting autofill payment in your IOS or Android. 

Probably getting a console at the beginning following these steps is tricky, and a sensation of disappointment can arise anytime you miss an opportunity. However, every attempt is a chance to learn and correct any wrongdoing. Your chances are going to be higher as more you practise. Persistence is key, and the reward is an amazing console paying the fair retail price.

Good luck hunting your PS5 or Xbox series X, it really worth it!

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