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These are the M.2 SSD options for Playstation 5

Sony has finally arrived with an update that many PS5 owners have been waiting for and is the internal M.2 SSD expansion that allows playing PS5 games directly. Just for the moment this expansion is available for Beta users that will have a software update for this purpose. However, there is a list of specifications and requirements that are necessary to follow in order to make this happen, as it is not as easy as connecting the Seagate expansion card to the Series X. Nevertheless, Sony claims that because it is a Beta program, some features and specifications can change before the launch of the official system software for all PS5 owners.

The beta program is for PS5 users who apply and are accepted to be the first to put new features to the test and provide important feedback to SONY about their experiences. Some of the requirements to sign up for the Beta program is to be over 18 and located in United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Germany.

SONY specifications include a cooling structure for heating dissipation such as heatsinks that are necessary to adapt to the M.2 SSD storage expansion, 250 GB to 4 TB capacity, with a minimum sequential read speed of 5,500 MB/s but faster if possible. However, SONY currently claims that "Not all games are necessarily playable with the exact same performance provided by the PS5 console’s internal Ultra-High Speed SSD, even where the M.2 SSD device’s sequential read speed is faster than 5500MB/s". Also, SONY has provided the measures for the storage and heatsink.

What are the requirement and specifications?

Source: Sony Playstation
Source: Sony Playstation

Check the full specifications for the M.2 SSD and heatsinks here.

For installing the storage SONY recommends doing it in a well-lit room with a table to work on, A #1 Phillips or cross-head screwdriver and a small flashlight (optional). Also, removing any static from the body touching a metal grounded device as the M.2 SSD or the PS5 can get damaged, and before installing the M.2 SSD and heatsink, the PS5 has to be updated with the Beta software.

So far, not all the M.2 SSD available on the market meets SONY's specifications. However, we expect that some manufactures will confirm some references for the PS5 soon.



Which M.2 SSDs are available for the PS5 beta testers?

Seagate is the first manufacture to claim that the Barracuda 530 is compatible with PlayStation 5 standards.

Seagate FireCuda 530 1TB Internal Solid State Drive

Amazon USA

Amazon UK

WD SN820 1TB Internal Solid State Drive

Western Digital SN850 internal SSD is a compatible drive with the PS5 based on the list of requirements and specifications. Even the architect of the PS4 and PS5 Mark Cerny already got this one for his consoles. Therefore, this is a good signal that the SN820 is the right one for the PS5.

Amazon USA

Amazon UK

Gigabyte AORUS Gen4 7000s

This is another internal Gen4 SSD that is ready to use as it has the right heatsink for the reduced space inside the console, and Aorus has officially announced that this reference is compatible with the PS5.

Amazon USA

Amazon UK

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