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Top 10 best gaming chairs for PS5, Xbox series X|S and PC. 2024

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A comfortable gaming chair is an essential component of a good gaming setup, especially when you spend hours playing with your console, working, or streaming. Therefore, selecting the best gaming chair that offers comfort, beautiful design, quality, and practicality is key.

Many brands and references are portrayed in beautiful pictures, but not all of those gaming chairs are what you probably expect. Some of them aren't entirely comfortable or ergonomic, and they're made of cheap materials that don't last as long as they should.

It Is relevant to highlight that most gaming chairs are wrapped with synthetic polymers to imitate leather. This type of material is prone to cracking and deteriorating after heavy use, particularly when we are putting our weight on it. Thus, choosing durable fake leather is a wise decision. However, some selected gaming chairs use fabric on the exterior that is also very comfortable and breathable, and if you pay an extra price, you can get a beautiful gaming chair with excellent quality leather.

Also, other aspects such as the frame, materials for the cushion, lumbar support, recline mechanism, height adjustment, retractable footrest and other options play a role in the level of satisfaction that any gamer can experience.

These are the best gaming chairs for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC:

1. Secretlab TITAN Evo

If you are looking for the best of the best in gaming chairs, this Singaporean company offers some of the best gaming chairs you can find in the market, and the Titan hardly makes any owner disappointed. With a mix of high-quality materials, multiple options, and a pleasant and elegant design, the Titan Evo 2022 is a head-turner gaming chair.

The Titan looks robust, solid and well built with a steel frame that even oversized people can consider this chair, as there is a small, regular, and XL options. Also, you can get your chair with different materials such as Hybrid Leatherette, a very comfortable and breathable fabric, and a premium version with Napa leather for an extra price.

The material used to fill the chair is cold cure foam, a better version than standard foam. The most significant benefit is that the chair will maintain its shape, structure and tolerate considerable weight for longer. Also, despite being firmer than a standard foam chair, it feels soft when you put pressure and can easily adapt to any shape, making it ergonomic.

I like that the brand and logos are beautifully stitched to the material with an appearance of a luxury racing car, unlike other options printed on synthetic leather. Also, you can get many variants, mainly with the Hybrid Leatherette Version, with different graphics like Batman Dark Knight or the Joker.

In terms of adjustments, the chair is reclinable (85° - 165°), and you can adjust the chair height, armrest with 4D adjustment (height, sideways, front, and back) and the magnetic armrest top can be swapped for a softer technogel material. Also, for any gamer searching for a chair with lumbar support, the Titan has an integrated adjustable one, not a pillow on that area like many other gaming chairs.

The chair also comes with a magnetic pillow for the neck that has memory foam, and inside there is a cooling gel that makes it very comfortable


  • Built with premium and durable materials.

  • Beautiful and elegant design.

  • 3 different sizes (small, regular, and XL).

  • Multiple Upholstery and colors.

  • Easy to assemble.

  • Good Warranty.


  • Quality comes with a higher price tag.

  • The seat base is less cushiony than the 2020 variant.

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2. Razer Enki

Inside the range between high-end and budget chairs that Razer manufactures, there is a new Gem that you can consider if your height is between 5' 5" to 6' 8" in height and weighing up to 300 pounds, as the manufacturer recommends. The Enki chair offers a firmer seat backing that delivers solid support with a softer seat base for outstanding comfort. Also, it has a built-in lumbar arch that, although not adjustable, provides much-needed back support and offers an adjustable recline of up to 152 degrees.

For more refined comfort, the Enki's core is wrapped in plush textured fabric, and the edges are lined with soft leather to enhance durability. In addition, A 4D Armrest is height-adjustable, angled, and can be moved forward and backward for a customized fit.

The price is more economical than its older brother, the Razer Iskur gaming chair, so it is an excellent option if you plan to have a high-end gaming chair in front of your console or PC.


  • More affordable Razer gaming chair with premium quality.

  • Top-class design.

  • Very comfortable for an average-sized person.


  • The lumbar mechanism is not as good as the Iskur gaming chair.

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3. Corsair T3 Rush

The Corsair T3 Rush is the brand's top-of-the-range, offering a delightful racing-inspired chair that provides excellent comfort for long gaming sessions to any owner that fits well. It is probably not the biggest gaming chair on the market for someone very tall or oversized, but it provides comfort to any average-size gamer.

The chair is wrapped with a soft breathable fabric that helps to dissipate heat, and it comes in 3 colors. Also, the T3 has two cushions, one for the neck made of microfiber and one made of memory foam that can be adjusted in different positions supporting the Lumbar area.

The T3 is reclinable to 180°, so practically, you can nap after a long session and adjust the height of the chair and the armrest to different positions (4D).


  • Beautiful racing-inspired design.

  • Breathable Fabric and comfortable cushions.

  • 180° reclining chair.

  • Good price for a comfortable chair.


  • Not an XL option like the Secretlab.

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4. Razer Iskur

If there is a very cool gaming chair you can get right now, the Razer Iskur is an indisputable one. Its design and color are eye-catching, but its lumbar adjustment system is very interesting and comfortable at the same time, especially for gamers like me who need extra support in that area.

This premium Gaming chair is wrapped with multi-layered PVC synthetic leather in order to make it more durable than a PU leather chair, and it comes in black as the primary color. Still, an option to select the color of the stitches from green to black is available.

The chair has multiple adjustments, such as height, 4D armrest adjustment (Up/Down, Left/Right, Front/Back, Swivel), lumbar adjustment, and the backrest can slightly recline. Also, it comes with a memorable foam cushion for the neck.

The Razer Iskur is an excellent option for any gamer that is 170cm (5’6”) to 190 (6’2”), and it supports a maximum weight of 136Kg (299lb).


  • Very good lumbar adjustment with extra support.

  • Durable synthetic Leather

  • Multiple adjustments

  • It looks and feels wonderful and premium.


  • More expensive than the other premium chairs with synthetic leather.

  • Few color options.

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5. Noblechairs Hero gaming chair Black Edition

The Hero is a gaming and office-certified chair that looks robust, premium, and has multiple options available. The perfect chair for a senior gamer or someone who likes office chair appearance with some touches of a racing chair. You can select from materials such as Pu Leather, a hybrid version that is a mix of a blended vinyl and polyurethane material, and a limited edition made of fabric and genuine leather for an extra price.

The Hero chair has an integrated mechanism that adjusts the lumbar area for extra comfort, the armrest is 4D customizable (Up/Down, Left/Right, Front/Back, Swivel), the backrest is reclinable to 135° position, and you can adjust the height of the chair depending on your needs.

The Hero has a steel structure and is filled with cold-foam upholstery that keeps the chair's shape for longer, even if the person is heavy. Also, it comes with two memory foam cushions for the neck and lumbar area. So, you will have extra support if you suffer from lower back pain like me.

Also, if you want to combine your chair with a comfortable footrest, Noblechairs has one that matches very well with the Hero design.

The Hero chair is an excellent option for any gamer with a maximum weight of 150Kg (331lb).


  • Many options to select from.

  • Good support in the lumbar area (integrated mechanism + memory foam cushion).

  • Multiple adjustments.

  • It looks premium and feels wonderful.

  • Footrest option.


  • It feels firm while sitting due to the cold foam.

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6. Noblechairs Epic

This is another well-made Noblechairs that has fresh looking with a racing-type design that feels very comfortable and looks very good. This chair, in my opinion, is suitable for any gamer as it doesn't look like an office chair compared to its cousin, the Hero chair.

The structure, options, adjustability colors, and variants are very similar to the hero, but it doesn't have an integrated lumbar mechanism. However, the lumbar cushion can be placed in different positions, giving the owner more customizable back support.

The external material options are PU leather, Hybrid, and a very good-looking genuine leather that makes it look premium.

It also has the same cold foam that maintains its shape over time, and the armrest can be modified to different positions. (4D: Up/Down, Left/Right, Front/Back, Swivel), recline the backrest to 135° and the chair height.

The Epic chair can support weight up to 120Kg (276lb).


  • Racing-type design.

  • Multiple options to select from.


  • It lacks an integrated lumbar mechanism.

Amazon USA

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7. Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL 4000

Following the same pattern of fresh designs as the Noblechairs Epic, there is even a fresher chair with a very youthful design that, to be honest, can fit any age. The Vertagear has a combination of colors and settings that can make the decision a bit more difficult if you like striking colors in your room.

But, if the colors option and aesthetics are exciting, just sitting on the SL 4000 makes you feel that you are definitely on a premium chair. It is very comfortable for long gaming sessions as the ultra-premium resilient foam does an excellent job cushioning the body weight.

The chair has multiple adjustments (height, armrest, and adjustable backseat to 140°). Also, it comes with two cushions for the neck and lumbar support that you can adjust to your needs.

The Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL 4000 has a max load of 150 Kg and is recommended for a person with a 180cm height of 5' 11''.


  • Very comfortable for long gaming sessions.

  • Nice catalog of colors, including a black one.

  • Easy to assemble.

Amazon USA

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8. Corsair T2 Road Warrior

This is another excellent gaming chair from this Californian company that knows how to manufacture good gaming chairs. This robust chair is made with a steel structure, filled with cold foam, and it's wrapped in PU leather with a perforated lower and mid seatback that helps to keep that area fresher after hours of playing video games.

Like most premium gaming chairs, the height, armrest (4D), lower back, and tilt angle are adjustable. You can recline the backrest from 90° to 170°, making it very convenient if you want to have a rest.

The primary color of the T3 is black, but you can select from 5 different colors and some decorative stripes for your chair.

The T2 comes with two cushions for the neck and lumbar area covered with durable microfiber, and you can place the lumbar cushion at different heights depending on the area you want to give comfort.


  • It feels and looks robust.

  • Comfortable microfiber cushions.

  • Easy to assemble.


  • An XL option could be very helpful for an oversized gamer.

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9. Andaseat Kaiser 2

Anda seat is well known for manufacturing robust chairs for different body sizes and multiple variants. At the top of the range, the Kaiser 2 shines for its racing style and touches of an office chair. It is well-designed and comfortable that can accommodate oversized gamers without a problem. Also, it gives excellent support to the lower back thanks to the AD+ memory pillow and also comes with one for the neck.

The chair is wrapped with PVC leather that comes in two colors, a black version, and a very eye-catching maroon.

The Kaiser2 has multiple adjustments such as height, 4D armrest (Up/Down, Left/Right, Front/Back, Swivel), and it reclines to a comfortable 160°.

The Anda Seat Kaiser 2 has a max load of 150 Kg (331lbs) and is recommended for a person with a max height of 210 cm height of 6' 10''.


  • Good chair for oversized people.

  • Good lumbar support.


  • Quite expensive compared with the other options.

Amazon USA

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10. GTRACING Gaming Chair

Best budget gaming chair

With a race-inspired form and ergonomic design, the GTRACING gaming chair is constructed with a durable metal frame and supportive molded foam covered in soft black PU leather and carbon fiber imitation, providing an immersive gaming experience.

With the large angle adjuster, you can adjust your angle from 90 to 160 degrees, and the 3D armrest is multi-adjustable and has a height adjustment to satisfy your needs. Additionally, it comes with lumbar and headrest cushions, making extended gaming sessions more comfortable.

Also, you can select from a wide range of colors that make this chair very customizable.


  • Excellent price for what you get.

  • 8 colors (USA)

  • Good height adjustable lumbar support.


  • The Cushion is not the most comfortable for long gaming sessions.

Amazon USA

Amazon UK


10+1. Play haha. Gaming Chair Racing Style (best seller Amazon UK, available in the USA)

Best Ultra-budget gaming chair

Probably just looking at the picture, you won't expect that this is a premium gaming chair like a Secretlab or a Razer chair. In fact, this is one of the Amazon bestsellers and probably one of the best options for under $100 / £100.

The chair is a racing-style one that is more comfortable than you could expect for the reduced price. It is filled with high-density foam, covered with faux leather with some touches of breathable mesh fabric, and there are four color options, with black as a dominant color. The chair doesn't have pillows, but the headrest is thicker and softer for head or neck support. The chair lacks lumbar protection, but cushions for the lumbar area can be adapted to the haha chair getting one on Amazon.

In terms of adjustments, the haha chair has only a height adjustment and a 360° swivel.

The Play Haha Chair has a max load of 150 Kg (331lbs) and is recommended for a person of average size.


  • Decent chair for the price.


  • Lack of lumbar support.

  • Quality in the mid and long-term can be an issue.

  • Not for a tall person.

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