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Sackboy: A Big Adventure


Playstation 5
Sumo Digital
Sony Interactive Entertainment
Suitable for 7 years and over
Release date:
12 November 2020

● Explore here, there and everywhere as you utilise Sackboy’s cool, diverse move-set to face a huge variety of thrilling challenges, fierce enemies and startling surprises
● Take on side-splitting challenges in local and online* party play. Parties can play through the whole game – including unmissable co-op only levels.
● Tempest 3D AudioTech - Hear Craftworld come life all around you
● Haptic Feedback - Running across wool like flooring or platforms will use haptics to simulate the change in material under Sackboy
● Fast Loading - Experience fast loading between and into levels, including in multiplayer* sessions with the PS5 console's ultra-high speed SSD
● Pre-order to get a copy of the digital comic, The Gathering Storm, in which you will discover the mysterious past of Scarlet, Sackboy’s mentor and Craftworld’s last remaining Knitted Knight.


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