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The Falconeer Day One Edition


Aerial combat
Xbox Series X
Tomas Sala
Wired Productions
Pegi Rating:
Suitable for 3 years and over
Release date:
10 November 2020


● Explore the Great ursee
● Experience fast and brutal aerial combat
● Discover lofty heights or mysterious underwater locations
● Encounter a wide range of enemies from rival falconeers to lumbering airships, flying Beetle, Manta rays and more
● Unite with or compete against in-game factions
● Choose your origin story to create a unique rider
● Earn splinters to upgrade your Falcon through weapons, armour, cosmetics and mutagens
● Fully Voiced: An incredible voice cast brings to life the world within the Falconeer
● Featuring stunning original music from award-winning composer Benedict Nichols

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