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5 powerful consoles available now, which is the best option?

playstation 5 vs xbox series x vs xbox series s vs playstation 4 pro vs xbox one x
(Image sources: Sony, Microsoft)

Are you one of the many people who want to get a console, but you are wondering which one you should buy from the various options that will be available?. Since November, not only units of the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are available while stocks last, but also we have the latest consoles that are making the selection a little more challenging. However, nowadays is very difficult to get a last generation console with a fair price (unless you want to pay to scalpers extra money on different websites) as Sony and Microsoft are manufacturing fewer units than planned. The reason behind this low output is a scarcity of semiconductors and other essential components.

In the video game market, we can find several types of consumers. Some that are not quite demanding when it comes to acquiring this technology, and those of us who want to have the latest gadgets and enjoy each image to its fullest quality and speed. Thus, if you are among the first ones, then you won't need to punish your bank account and still get an excellent option.

Therefore, if it is not essential for you to have the top console in your living room, and instead of a product that gives you a good cost-benefit, within your options you will find three consoles, the PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One X and the new Xbox series S.

And why consider the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X if they are the two outgoing consoles? the reason is both of them can display games in 4K at 60 frames per second (Well, at least the Xbox One X does it very well), and because there is available a vast catalogue of well-designed games, so you would have many hours of entertainment. And best of all, the games would be available at a cheap price. Also, it is not the only thing that will be cheap, since the three new consoles were launched on the market in November, it is to be expected that the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X end up being worth much less than you think, in the end, retailers will need to get rid of their inventory as soon as possible.

Moreover, Microsoft Xbox has a cross-platform support system that allows all the games of the new series X with Smart delivery support, be available on the Xbox One. Simple words, what the game does is to adapt to the user's console and display the game in its best quality. And trust me, you can expect games to look great on your screen, especially if you have a 4k TV with console features as the Xbox One X has a 6 teraflops GPU and a 2.3GH 8 core AMD CPU Very well adapted. Besides, Microsoft launched in 2017 a service called Game Pass, whereby paying a monthly fee you can access a good number of online titles for the Xbox One X and the new X / S Series. Like a Netflix with video games!.

Microsoft also surprised us with a very interesting option, the Xbox series S, which possibly does not measure up to the Xbox series X or the PS5 in technical characteristics. Therefore, it is discarded by the fans of the top gadgets. But, if you look at the technical aspects in the attached table, you will find that this console has characteristics that stand out, starting with its low price of £249 UK / $299 in the United States. The central processing unit that is the brain of the console has a generous AMD 8-core Zen 2 processor; 3.6 GHz, 3.4 GHz with SMT, nothing far from the X series or the PS5. the RAM memory is superior to the PS4 Pro with 10GB, and the architecture is designed to accommodate the new generation games. The only disadvantages are the reduced 4 teraflops GPU which will affect the image quality, and a storage of 512gb for a console that only handles games digitally, which might persuade you to spend a few extra bucks and get an external SSD memory drive.

On the Playstation 4 Pro side, players not only have a significant number of titles for this console but also it boasts a more considerable number of top exclusive games than the competition. Additionally, PlayStation introduced the PSVR headset within its options in 2016, allowing players to access virtual reality for a relatively comfortable price compared to the PC. Besides that, there is currently a good catalogue of games for VR with excellent quality.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the PS4 Pro, the Xbox One x and the new Xbox S series?

PS4 Pro

PlayStation 4 Pro with dualshock 4 controller
Image credit: Sony


• The Playstation 4 has a more extensive game catalogue than the other consoles, since Sony has consolidated alliances with developers to have exclusive top games for the PS4. • The fact that Sony has included the VR headset is a winning point, as it immerses console gamers in an alternative way of perceiving games. • It is the most popular console in the world, only as of June 30, 2020, the Playstation sold 112.1 million consoles in the world according to Sony Interactive Entertainment. Therefore, the resale market for very low priced games and accessories is enormous.


• Although PS4 Pro image quality is very good, which claims to reach 4K, in reality, few games are close to this type of quality. • Games for the PS5 will not be compatible to play on the PS4 Pro (Unless the developer launch a PS4 version), something that Xbox could do with some games between the new Xbox series x and the Xbox One.

Xbox One X

Xbox Series X with controller
Image credit: Microsoft


• On paper, the Xbox One X hardware is superior to the PS4 Pro, so this console manages to have games with 4K quality and with much better levels of detail. It should be noted that for this you need to have a UHD TV ideally with low latency. • A winning point is the fact that we can play some games of the new Xbox series X that have Smart delivery support on the Xbox One X. • It has the Microsoft Game Pass and better online service than Playstation.


• The catalogue of exclusive games is smaller than the PS4, something that Microsoft has been trying to change through the acquisition of game developer studios. • There is no option for VR games.

Xbox series S

Xbox Series S with controller
Image credit: Microsoft


• All Xbox series X games will be playable on this console. • It cost less compared to the other alternatives with a cost of £249 in the United Kingdom and $299 in the United States.


• Its GPU is not as powerful as the series X and the PS5. So I expect it that the images will not be as high quality as the top consoles. • Few internal memory for a fully digital console, so eventually it may force you to purchase an external memory.

• Currently getting a Series S is not as difficult as buying a Serie X or PS5. However, the stock available for this console is still reduced.

Now, if we enter in the field of the best two consoles and if you have a UHD 4K TV, ideally an OLED or QLED, the Xbox series X and the PlayStation 5 are definitely the options. The Xbox series X was released on 10th November 2020, and the PS5 on 10th November in the United States and on 19th November 2020 in the United Kingdom. Obviously, during the year Microsoft and Sony have been deploying all their power in marketing and advertising, showing the advantages over the others, such as exclusive games, Online services (something that Microsoft is taking seriously), controls and especially emphasizing technical advantages that in numbers, the Xbox X series has a slight lead with its teraflops in graphic processing units.

On paper, if we look at the technicalities between the two consoles, the Xbox series X has a slight advantage over the Playstation 5 with its 12 teraflops against 10.3, and also an advantage in RAM. However, teraflops are not everything as the architecture of the console as a whole matters in the end. Also, the software plays a significant role in consolidating all that power and bringing it to the screen with high-quality images and low latency.

With this, I do not mean that the Xbox series X will not transmit all its theoretical power to the screen. Still, it is essential to know that numbers are not everything and what matters is the set composed of all its parts and at the speed that they communicate with each other. Some unofficial sources claim that the series X uses more energy than its predecessor, so there is a probability that internal temperatures are higher affecting the performance of the console, so reaching 12 teraflops could be just a theoretical number. Like some other versions affirm that the PS5 gets hotter. In any case, this will be verified over time and when the consoles are already working with different games.

Now, if we check the controllers and accessories for the two new consoles, we can highlight that Sony has done an outstanding job with the DualSense. First, renewing its controller with a fresher presentation, but especially for its new technologies such as haptic feedback which offers a broader range of sensations than the vibrations we used to feel with the PS4 controller, and its adaptive rear triggers. Also, the VR headset and the VR games of the PS4 will be compatible with the PS5. However, if you want to use your VR headset with the PS5, the PS4 camera will need an adaptor that you can request to Sony for free. It is expected that sooner or later Sony will launch a renewed version of the PSVR.

As for the Xbox series X controller, the company included an extra share button and the surface of the back buttons come with a textured effect so the fingers will have more grip. Also, the connection between control and console is more agile to reduce latency between the moment of pressing a button and seeing it reflected on the screen. Something relevant to mention is that the New series X can use the controller of the Xbox One, something that the PS5 does not offer.

In terms of games, something that Sony has as one of its strengths, a good initial list of games will be available for the two new consoles at the moment of launch, and during the first quarter of 2021. Microsoft to counter Sony's exclusive game supremacy has acquired Bethesda Softworks parent company ZeniMax, in addition to preparing to acquire other companies. Also, Microsoft has emphasized several times that the games of the previous consoles can be played on its new console.

In short, the 2 consoles are impressive, and without a doubt, the decision is going to be a bit difficult when choosing between one or the other. All depends on which aspects you give more value to. In general, gamers will tend to be loyal and stick with the same brand that they have always followed, but some others will choose to take a look at the competition and possibly migrate to the other option.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the new top consoles Xbox Series X and the PS5?

Xbox series X

Xbox Series X with controller
Image credit: Microsoft


  • Has by few the most powerful hardware of all consoles.

  • Turning the console ON and starting games takes seconds.

  • You can play titles from the four previous consoles (Cross-platform games).

  • Game pass service is wonderful.


  • Although new features were published for the Xbox controller, by 2020/21 a controller with more advanced features was to be expected.

  • Getting one is a hard task as they're few available.

Playstation 5

Playstation 5 with DualSense controller
Image credit: Sony


  • 2 versions of consoles, one with an Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive and the other without a drive but cheaper for digital games only.

  • Quick starting and games loading.

  • The fact that Sony has updated its control and incorporated more options is a winning point.

  • The PSVR headset and VR games will be playable on the PS5.


  • Only some PS4 games can be played in this console.

  • Low internal Memory, so you will run out of space for new games.

  • Difficult to get one at a fair price due to the low offer.


Therefore, what recommendations would I give to a less demanding client who seeks to have an advantage in terms of price and quality or a client who only wants a top high-tech console?

If you desire to have or give away a decent console that will entertain you with good games at a relatively comfortable price, and with the option of being able to acquire not so expensive games, I would advise you to get an XBOX series S. This console has decent imaging characteristics besides the fact that you can play games from previous consoles that are relatively cheap, or the new series X games. Its current price is very competitive over the other options for a new generation console. Also, having the option of being able to play many games available at the moment you connect your console to the TV with the Xbox game pass by a monthly fee, is a plus to take in account.

Now, if you desire is to have a top next-gen console with superior imaging characteristics at a good cost-benefit, I would go for the Digital Playstation 5. Its price of £359 makes it very competitive, in addition to having excellent technical characteristics, a renewed control that immerses the player with new sensations, access to a good variety of games in the short and medium run, and the option to play games in VR, something that immersed players in a very different world. Furthermore, Sony is expected to launch its second-generation headset with superior imaging characteristics. Also, with the money that you save getting the digital option, you could buy a compatible external SSD memory for extra storage when available. In the end, all the new consoles will need one at a certain point as the new games tend to require a lot of space.

However, if your budget can be stretched a little further, I would advise you to purchase either of the two consoles with a disc drive, depending on what you give the most value to, such as better online service (Game Pass) with the Xbox Series X or on the other hand and excellent controller, many exclusive games and virtual reality with the PS5 disc version. And why buy it with a disk drive? The reason behind is that disc format games tend to go down in price or be on sale either new or second-hand in different retailers than with digital games. In the mid or long run, you will save more than $100 / £100.

Personally, I like to have the option of receiving a good physical game as a gift, which in my case, is a significant portion of my game's library.


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