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The best Headsets for PS5 and Xbox Series X (Wireless) - 2024


If you are looking for the best headset for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S that is better than the PlayStation pulse 3D and the Xbox wireless headset or planning to replace the current one with a new device that can match the features of your console, I can give you some advice to select the right one. Some people opt to renew all their gadgets to match the current imaging quality and sound advantages that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S offer. In the end, aspects such as image quality through your TV, console performance, and sound quality complement each other.

Therefore, having the right setting in your living room or space is vital if you want to have more immersive sensations, and the right headset can help you improve your experience.

It is essential to keep clear from the beginning that all headsets have advantages and disadvantages in different aspects, and probably none of them will tick all the boxes. However, some headsets are better than others in key factors such as sound quality or unique features. Also, it is important to say that every person perceives quality in different ways, or perhaps some aspects are more important than others. For example, some people have preferences for a headset that delivers outstanding sound quality overall. For others, the quality of the ear cups and how comfortable the headset is are vital. Having said that, the most important aspects, but not the only ones that we need to consider are:

Is the headset comfortable?

Is the Audio quality good enough for my expectations?

Is the built quality good?

Can I use the headset with other devices?

How good is the microphone, and can I detach it?

How good is the battery life?

Does the headset come with unique features?

Is the Wireless range good?

Does the headset have any potential issues?

As we are selecting the best wireless headsets for your console, it is essential to clarify that if you want to connect your headset to the PS5 or the XBS X|S, you need to use wireless 2.4GHz and not Bluetooth. The reason is to reduce latency while playing, in other words, the action you take with the controller, the image that you see and the sound that you hear have to match, and Bluetooth communication is not the right technology to reduce sound latency. For that reason, most wireless headsets come with a dongle or other devices that you connect to one of the USB ports or optical input, if available, so the headset can receive information more accurately through that channel. Nevertheless, the best headsets have Bluetooth available to connect the headset to your phone or any other device. This is important as you can simultaneously connect your headset to your console with the dongle and your phone via Bluetooth. So, you can play and receive calls or listen to your favourite music with your phone.


The headsets that we've selected have characteristics that excel over the others in most of these aspects, and thus, we believe that any of these references will improve your experience while playing.

Best affordable mid-range headsets

1) Steelseries arctis 7P+ (PlayStation 5 and 4) 7X+ (Xbox Series X|S and one)

Best affordable mid-range wireless headset

Arctis 7 Black Version

Steelseries 7 series headsets are a great option if you are looking for one of the best headsets without breaking the bank. The series 7 has three variants, Arctis P (black and white), 7P+ for PS or 7X+ for Xbox, that can be paired to the console using a wireless 2.4 GHz USB dongle with a good range of distance. Also, a 3.5mm jack port is available as an alternative option.

The headset has excellent sound quality for the price, with bass, mid and highs well balanced, and it has DTS virtual surround support. Also, it has a PC equalizer that can adjust the sound quality to your sound preferences.

The battery life is very good as it lasts 25 hours on average, and the retractable microphone has a decent and clear performance.

Similar to any Arctis series, the design is very similar. However, this headset is tighter than other options, so if you have a wide head or a lot of hair, it is better to get an Arctis 9 or Pro. Also, It can be a bit uncomfortable if you wear glasses. Another significant difference with the Arctis 9 or Pro is the lack of Bluetooth. So, this is the best choice if you want the headset just for gaming with good sound quality for its range.

Steelseries Arctis 7X can be paired with both PS5 and Series X, so if you own both consoles, the 7X is the best headset for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.


  • Amazing sound quality for its range price.

  • The battery last 25 on average.

  • Low latency.

  • Two variants for Xbox Series X|S, One, and PlayStation 5, 4.

  • 3,5mm jack port.


  • Bluetooth is not available.

  • Tight design for a wide head or a lot of hair.


2) Hyper x Cloud 2 (Playstation only)

mid-range headset

Hyper x cloud 2
Hyper x cloud 2

The Hyper X Cloud 2 is a stylish and comfortable headset that is light and not too tight for the head, so anyone can wear glasses without discomfort. The cushions are memory foam covered by leather and deep enough to prevent touching the speaker wall with the ear, but slightly inefficient at the moment to isolate external noise. You can adjust the size by increasing the side extensions like any traditional headphone, and the aluminium frame is solid and flexible even if you twist it.

With this headset, you can adjust the volume, activate surround sound and mute the microphone from the controllers in both speakers, and it has a USB Type-C port for charging.

The Hyper X doesn't support Bluetooth and lacks a 3.5mm jack port, making it not accessible to connect to other options. Instead, it comes with a dongle with very low latency wireless 2.5GHz that you connect to the console or PC. Sadly, the headset is incompatible with the Xbox Series X|S or One.

The sound quality is outstanding for its range price, with good bass and highs that are perfectly balanced even if you increase the volume, and that's good because the headset comes with software that doesn't have an equalizer. In addition, the headset has a frequency response from 15Hz to 20kHz, and it has a virtual Surround 7.1.

The Hyper X Cloud 2 has a Noise-cancelling detachable mic with an LED mute indicator that can record voice clearly, and it is probably one of its strengths over other options. Also, the battery is excellent as it lasts almost 30 hours, so it is perfect for long sessions.


  • Amazing sound quality for its range price.

  • The battery lasts for an astonishing 30 hours on average.

  • The headset has very low latency.

  • Good detachable microphone.

  • It feels solid and durable.


  • Not available for Xbox Series X|S and One.

  • Bluetooth is not available.

  • Lack of 3,5mm jack port.

  • Head cups don't isolate external noise.


3) Razer blackshark v2 pro (PlayStation wireless, Xbox wired 3.5mm)

mid-range headset

Razer blackshark v2 pro
Razer blackshark v2 pro

Razer V2 is a very comfortable and lightweight headset with an original flowknit memory cushion that reduces sweat and heat while wearing it, and there is also an option of fake leather that is more convenient for noisy environments as it can isolate more external noise. However, it can also retain heat inside the earcup.

The Razer has one of the best volume controllers as it is intuitively easy to find, and also from the speaker, you can turn off the headset or mute the microphone.

The sound is decent with a dominant bass over the highs but still very pleasant, but it has the option to customise it using the equaliser on your PC using the Razer Synapse software. Also, it has THX Spatial Audio for surround sound, and the Frequency response is 12 Hz – 28 kHz.

In terms of microphone quality, the detachable mic has an average performance as it is clear but not the best compared to other wireless or wired headsets. It is relevant to mention that wired headsets capture better sound quality in most cases.

The Razer can be connected to the PlayStation 5 / 4 or PC using a dongle 2.4 GHz with one of the lowest latency I've perceived. So, the sound will match almost perfectly with the images on your screen. In addition, it has available a 3.5mm jack port.

The wireless is incompatible with the Xbox Series X|S or One, so you can connect it using the jack port.

The battery lasts for almost 23 hours which is very good but not as good as the Cloud 2, and when it's not in use, it can turn off automatically to preserve the battery.


  • Ultra-low latency

  • Good sound quality and bass.

  • The battery last 23 on average.

  • 3,5mm jack port

  • Versatile volume controller


  • Bluetooth is not available.


Best Upper Mid-range headsets

Steelseries arctis 9 (PlayStation 5) 9X (Xbox Series X|S)

Best Upper mid-range headset

Artics 9 white version PS
Arctis 9 white version PS

This is one of the best options in the upper mid-range. The headset is very good for gaming with the PS5 or Xbox Series X|S (depending on your chosen variant). Visually looks very similar to the Arctis Pro, but it doesn't have a base station with an extra battery, and its frequency range goes from 20 H to 20KHz, so the sound is not as good as the Arctis Pro. However, it has a vibrant and decent sound for gaming or even listening to music, with a very well-balanced bass and highs while playing, and it's very good for catching environmental sound details like footsteps and other sounds that help to detect who is around you. It has DTS that works superbly on PC mainly so you can have an amazing 3D experience on this device. Also, it comes with a graphic equalizer that you can adjust by selecting DTS 7.1 and enhancing the sound.

The headset comes with a wired dongle you connect either to your console or PC with wireless 2.4G, and it also has Bluetooth that you can activate from the headset and a dual connection that gives you the advantage of listening to music or receiving phone calls while playing, without affecting the quality of the sound. Also, you can control the volume of the voice and the game, and it has a 3.5mm jack port.

The design is almost the same as the Arctis Pro, and the microphone is retractable, so you can hide it if you go to other places, and the voice sounds clear while you speak to other people. The battery is better than the Arctis Pro as it has 20 hours depending on the use, practically I could use it for a week.

The only thing that concerns me about any Arctis Pro, 9 and 7 is that both speakers are joined to the frame from just one point, so if you remove it using one hand, all the weight is going to concentrate on that point, and it can probably break that part.


  • Very good sound quality.

  • The headset has low latency.

  • Bluetooth is available.

  • Descent microphone.

  • Available for PS5 / 4 and Xbox Series X|S and One

  • 3.5mm jack port available (cable not included in the box)


  • The headband can be a bit tight depending on the user.


Best Premium headsets

1) SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless (Playstation and Xbox)

Best Premium headset

SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro wireless
SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro

The Arctis Nova Pro 2022 is the latest high-end gaming headset launched by SteelSeries, with outstanding features that perhaps make the Nova Pro the best wireless headset for the PS5 and Xbox Series X that money can buy right now.

The headset is designed to be the wireless headset that aims to replace many other headsets you may be using, including the SteelSeries Arctis Pro 2019.

The Nova Pro has practically all the features for a great gaming experience, such as outstanding sound quality with Premium High Fidelity Drivers and 360° Spatial Audio compatible with Tempest 3D Audio for PS5 and Microsoft Spatial Sound for Xbox. Also, it delivers simultaneous gaming audio using a low lagging 2.4 Hz wireless connection and Bluetooth, active noise reduction, and using the Sonar Software you can fully customize your sound experience with a first-in-gaming Parametric EQ. Moreover, the Multi-System Connect Setup allows you to easily switch between two devices by plugging your PS5 and Xbox SXS (if you get the Xbox variant) or PC simultaneously.

The Nova Pro has an excellent battery life with a dual battery system that can be swapped for over 40 hours of total battery life using a GameDAC charging the other battery while you use the first one.

With the Nova Pro, you can customize the size by adjusting the internal headband in three settings, and now the frame can be extended to accommodate various head shapes. This is something that wasn't possible with the previous Arctis headsets. In addition, the earcups can rotate, and the ear cushions are covered with synthetic leather to reduce external noise.

The microphone ClearCast Gen 2 completely retracts into the earcup and has noise cancellation using an AI algorithm that helps to silence background noise.

As previously mentioned, if you are searching for a headset that works with the PS5 and the Xbox Series X|S, I recommend selecting the Xbox Variant as it is the only one that can connect the two last-gen consoles.


  • Top-quality sound with an excellent equalizer.

  • Available for multiple systems.

  • It can be adapted to different head shapes.

  • A second battery is available.

  • Noise cancellation.


  • The most expensive on the list.

  • The Arctis Pro has a better microphone quality.


2) Audeze Penrose (PS5) Penrose X (XBS X|S)

Premium headset

Audeze Penrose PS version
Audeze Penrose PS version

If there is something relevant with this headset is the fantastic sound quality. Thanks to its 100mm planar magnetic drivers, the Penrose gives exceptional quality as it has a Frequency response from 10Hz to 50kHz, allowing you to hear sounds you won't hear with most gaming headsets.

There are two versions available, one for Playstation 5 and the other for Xbox Series X|S, which is called Penrose X. The connection is through a dongle wireless 2.4G with very low latency that you connect to your console or PC, and it comes with Bluetooth that you can connect to other devices. Also, it has a 3.5mm jack that you can use to connect to the controller.

The microphone is detachable and has a substantial noise reduction so that you can play-chat in a loud environment. The microphone quality is decent, but there are better options. In reality, the microphone quality in any wireless headset is not as good as a wired one.

The Penrose is two channels (stereo headset) that lacks a built-in surround system or head-tracking technology, but it can get the benefits of the Xbox Series X Dolby Atmos or Tempest 3D AudioTech on the PS5. That means that you can still take advantage of 3D technology and perceive the source of every sound.

The speakers can rotate, and the comfortable ear cups are made of a memorable foam cushion that covers the ear and helps to reduce slightly any external noise and the top of the headband is also very soft. But it can be a bit tight on the head at the beginning, and also, the ear can get slightly hot after playing a long session, but it is tolerable.

The headset has multifunction controllers on the left side, so you can adjust the headset and microphone volume. It has a C-type port to recharge its battery that can last for around 15 hours.


  • Outstanding sound quality

  • Planar magnetic drivers.

  • The headset has low latency.

  • Bluetooth is available.

  • Descent microphone.

  • Available for PS5 / 4 and Xbox Series X|S and One (depending on the variant).


  • It lacks in-built surround technology.

  • Not well-ventilated ear cups and tight headband.

  • Quite expensive.

  • Lack of extra gadgets for its range and price.


3) Astro A50 Gen 4 Wireless (Playstation and Xbox variant)

Premium headset

Astro A50 Gen 4 wireless
Astro A50 Gen 4 wireless

On top of the range, it is impossible not to mention the Astro A50 Gen 4. This headset is an excellent choice if you plan to have an immersive gaming experience with Dolby Audio and superior sound quality (20 Hz to 20 kHz) with a perfect sound balance even with the default setting. Still, you can even improve it with a graphic equalizer using the Astro command center on your computer. However, it lacks some features that you can find with other similar headsets in the same price range, like Bluetooth, high sound frequency, a 3.5mm jack to connect it with a cable to the controller, and also due to lack of optical support in the PS5, you need to get the Astro HDMI Adapter to make it fully operational paying extra money.

Connecting the headset to the Xbox Series X|S is more straightforward than the PS5 to get all the options available. You only need to update the headset and base with the latest available firmware and connect it to the console using a USB port. The Astro A50 Gen 4 has two variants, one for PS5 and the other for Xbox Series X, so you need to buy one depending on the console.

In my opinion, this headset is more comfortable than the Pro and the Penrose for long gaming sessions, and the ear cups are bigger and covered with soft velvet. You can separately buy synthetic leather cushions that can dissipate more external noise as the headset doesn't filter it well. Also, it has more space for different head sizes, and the speakers can rotate, making it even more comfortable.

You can control the voice and the game's volume from the right speaker, and also has a button to turn on/off Dolby surround sound.

The battery lasts for around 15 - 17 hours, which is average, and what is very useful with the Astro is that it comes with a stylish base station that you connect to the console or PC, and you can charge the headset whenever it is not in use. Thus, you don't need to plug any cable into the headset.

The microphone is not detachable, but you can flip it to mute, and the quality is decent.

The design is robust and solid, and it has a nice look, although it is not a headset that you take to the street, gym, or workplace as it is quite big and the microphone is attached.


  • Outstanding sound quality

  • Comfortable for long gaming sessions

  • Charging station.

  • Dolby surround system.

  • Available for PS5 / 4 and Xbox Series X|S and One (depending on the variant).


  • Bluetooth is not available.

  • No good noise cancellation.

  • Lack of a 3,5mm jack port.

  • Very expensive for what it offers.


4) SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless (Playstation)

Premium headset

StealSeries Arctis Pro
StealSeries Arctis Pro wireless

Although this headset has been in the market since 2019, without a doubt, the SteelSeries Arctis Pro is still one of the best wireless headsets that you can buy for your PlayStation 5, Playstation 4 and computer. The main reason is that the sound quality is excellent thanks to its Premium Hi-Res speakers with high-density neodymium magnets that can reproduce sound from 10Hz to 40 kHz. So, expect to hear sounds that you won't perceive with other headsets. The bass and the highs are well balanced to perceive different sound layers.

Also, the headset comes with DTS Headphone:X v2.0, one of the best immersive surround technologies that help localize the source of every sound you listen to while playing.

The headset is very comfortable as the Arctis ear cushions are made from breathable moisture-wicking fabric, so it doesn't keep heat in your ears. The headset's body is made of resistant lightweight aluminum and steel that you can gently bend or twist without breaking it. You can adapt the headset to your head's shape by adjusting the elastic headband's length. The speaker cushion can cover your ear and is deep enough to prevent your ear from touching the speaker and helps to isolate a bit any external noise.

Apart from using wireless 2.5 GHz to connect to devices, the headset also has Bluetooth available, so you can connect your headset to your phone and listen to music or receive calls while playing.

The microphone is one of the best available as it comes with background noise cancellation and a sidetone that allows you to hear your voice. Also, it is retractable, so you can hide it when it is not in use.

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless is compatible with PS5, PS4, and PC, but if you plan to use it for the Xbox Series X, the only straightforward way to do it is to connect the headset to the controller 3.5mm headphone jack. However, you won't be able to use all the features available on this headset.

The headset design is elegant, so you can use it for listening to music while commuting or walking on the street. Also, you can customize the color of the headband, side plates and material for the ear cushions.


  • Amazing and impeccable sound.

  • One of the best surround sound sensations while playing.

  • The headset has low latency.

  • Bluetooth is available.

  • Second battery available


  • Not compatible with the Xbox Series X unless using the wired connection.

  • Quite expensive.


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