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Tips and advice for your XBOX Series X|S

Are you a new owner of the Xbox Series X or are you planning to get one? Or is this the first time that you own a Microsoft console? well, there is some advice that I can give you in order to improve your experience with this amazing console. Perhaps most Xbox Users are already familiar with these options, but there are some interesting details that you need to be aware of in order to squeeze all the benefits or services that this console can give you.

The Xbox Series X has been in tough competition with Playstation 5 to attract more gamers to its platform, and at this point of the year, it is clear that the XBS X|S has some advantage over its opponent, as well as some disadvantages.

Xbox offers its player's multiple options to customise the appearance of the Menu, such as select the colour of the background or reorganise games or apps on the home screen, as well as setting your console to save energy or to remind you to take a break. Even though it is fantastic to customise your console, there are other fantastic options to explore or to keep in mind for your Series X|S

Xbox Game Pass

Game pass ultimate is probably the best option to get if you have the new Xbox as for a monthly fee you can get access to a nice catalogue of games, including day one titles such as Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5 and others, that you can download and play anytime you want. As the series X|S has Backward Compatibility, you can also play games developed for the original xbox, the 360 and the Xbox One.

Game pass is a service like a Netflix for video games with so many options that you don't know what to start with.

Microsoft Game pass screenshot

Microsoft is currently offering to new users to join for as few as $1 US or £1 UK the first month and after the normal rate will apply depending on the plan that you choose. A real bargain!

Remote Play

Do you have to share the TV and you cannot play Xbox?, or are you going on holidays and you don't want to take your XBS X|S with you?. Not a problem, Microsoft offers a very cool option that allows you to play with your phone or tablet. You only need to download the Xbox app, open the Remote play option, and that's it!. You will be able to connect your console to your phone in the same format as a TV and play with your controller.

Having an enjoyable experience with this option, it is necessary to have a good internet connection for the Xbox and your phone or tablet, so you will reduce latency while playing.

Also, there are nice gadgets that you can get on Amazon for improving this experience like Xbox Series X Controller Mobile Gaming Clip that will hold your phone with the controller.

Remote controller

With the Xbox App, you will also be able to operate your console with the remote controller option. Basically, you can turn the Xbox on, navigate the Menus swiping your phone screen and best of all you can use your mobile as a typewriter. If there is something annoying is to write using the Xbox controller, so you will avoid this headache and write directly from your phone.

Rechargeable battery

If there is something that many fans don't like with the Series X|S is the fact that you will need to use batteries AA for the controller and change them every time it runs out of energy. For this new console, we were expecting an integrated battery like the Playstation 5 Dualsense or even the previous Dualshock 3 and 4. Anyhow, there are a couple of solutions, one is to buy AA rechargeable batteries that you can recharge with an external device, or the best option, to get the Official Xbox Series X Rechargeable Battery Pack & Cable Set.

As the official Battery kit is a bit difficult to find available, there are good options that you can get on Amazon or other retailers that include the battery and the cable Type C.

External Memory

Something that is becoming a must for the new consoles is to buy an external memory if you are using Xbox Game Pass. Despite that the Xbox Series X has 1TB internal storage, it has available just 802 Gb, which is not much if you plan to have many games available and ready to play. Also, the new generation games use more space in the memory as the graphic details and game aspects are better. So, there are two options apart from the obvious one that is to delete games every time you finish any of them.

The first alternative is the expensive one and is to buy the Official Seagate Storage Expansion Card 1TB and 2TB, which is the one that can match the requirements for the new console. With this particular memory, you can directly download and play games without affecting performance and image quality.

The second option is to get a good HDD (hard disk drives) or even better an SSD (solid state drives) external memory paying extra money. There are already many options with more than 1Tb. Also, it is essential to make sure that the external drive has USB 3.0 or above.

Amazon USA

Amazon UK

Link your Xbox with Google assistant or Alexa

Another cool option is to link your Xbox with these assistants so you can use voice commands to turn the consoles on/off, open a game or app, control your multimedia or take screenshots.

in order to activate this option, you need to go to settings, devices and connections, digital assistants, and after you can select between Google or Alexa and follow the steps.

Capture and share images and videos

One of the few changes that Microsoft implemented in the new controller is to add a share button that you can use just pressing or holding the button, depending on your settings for capturing screenshots or recording videos in 4K or other resolutions.

If you want to customise the button, go to settings, preferences, capture and share, and then select your best options.

After you can link your Xbox with Social media and share your game clips or screenshots with your Twitter followers. (settings, account, linked social accounts, Twitter)


If there is something very important to do any time you buy a device is to check the warranty that the manufacturer offers and how to register it. Consider that your Xbox is not exempt from any failure. Microsoft has a well-designed platform to register your console and to check when your warranty ends, or request support if you have any issue with your device. The only information that you need is the serial number that is at the back of the Series X|S and your outlook email account.

On your computer or phone just go to , select the option Hardware & networking, after warranty & service, Register (or unregister) your Xbox, and after select Register your Xbox (create a Microsoft account now).

They will ask you to sign in (outlook email) account or to create one.

as soon as you are in your account select the option devices and after Add an Xbox or Xbox accessory

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