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The best rechargeable batteries for Xbox Series X|S, One controller - December 2024

best rechargeable batteries for Xbox series X|S controller


Although Microsoft spent a lot of resources designing the most powerful console that offers excellent performance connected to a good gaming TV, the controller didn't receive the upgrade that some Xbox fans expected for this generation. Instead, it received some minor changes such as a new button to share images and video, better connectivity, less latency and better grip, keeping the previous Xbox One controller design and its dependency on AA batteries. However, I consider that a big advantage since it will be possible to select an excellent option from the best rechargeable batteries for the Xbox Series X|S controller that can last a long time. Contrast this with the PS5 DualSense controller, which has a new design and many interesting features such as impulsive triggers and haptic feedback, but it requires that the battery be charged every 5 to 6 hours.

While the Xbox series XS still relies on AA batteries, the best solution is purchasing a rechargeable battery, a more cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to having a pile of non-reusable batteries.


Before you select the best rechargeable battery for your Xbox, there are some aspects that you need to consider as not all the alternatives that you find on the internet are the best for your controller.


Safety first!...

The first aspect to consider is safety and quality, as some batteries can be hazardous. Some users have claimed that their rechargeable batteries have ignited or melted while recharging, affecting the battery and controller and anything around it. Therefore, selecting good quality batteries is essential and following the manufacturer's instructions is vital. Of course, any item could have an imperfection no matter the product's quality, but the user also plays a role in the product's performance. For example, some batteries must be charged only with the provided cable or charger using the console's USB port, not a cell phone charger plugged into the socket.

What brand is that?

The brand can also impact the quality, as Microsoft certified some companies to develop accessories for their consoles, and the batteries are not an exception. In addition, some of these brands have also been designing and manufacturing batteries and charging stations for Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo. So they have an excellent record in the industry.


And the last one is to consider the capacity in mAh (milliamp Hour), which is the unit that measures electric power over time. A good mAh capacity will allow you to use your battery for longer with a single charge. Also, keep in mind that connecting a wired headset to the controller will use more energy. Therefore, a good mAh is essential.


So, what are the best rechargeable batteries for Xbox series x and One controller?

Using the Official Xbox rechargeable battery for your Xbox series controller is a very good choice. Ponkor rechargeable batteries are, however, the perfect option because they offer excellent performance and are extremely cost-effective. There are also good sets of batteries and power stations that you might want to consider for your Xbox controller.

For those of you who are looking to upgrade your Xbox controller with an option that includes an internal battery, the best choice 'Hands Down' would be the Microsoft Elite 2 controller, which boasts one of the longest-lasting batteries you can buy at the moment. Sometimes I wonder if it has a nuclear battery inside!


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Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C® Cable

For Series X|S controller only

This is the official rechargeable battery for the Series X|S, so it is customised for the controller and has been tested by Microsoft using preproduction units.

The battery comes with a USB Type-A to Type-C cable that you can connect to your controller and charge the battery while playing if you wish. We can charge the battery for under 4 hours, and it has up to 30 hours of life per charge depending on connecting a headset or other accessories.

The only little aspect that this battery is missing compared to the Xbox One rechargeable battery is that the cable doesn't have the small light that indicates when it is fully charged.


Ponkor Rechargeable Battery Packs for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, 2x2600mAh.

For Series X|S and Xbox One controller

Ponkor Rechargeable batteries are one of the best, if not the best option you can get for your Series X|S or Xbox One controller as it has outstanding quality and performance. Many experts and users highly recommend it.

This reliable and top-seller set of batteries comes with 2600 mAh each, which is enough to keep you playing for over 25 hours with a single charge. In addition, the set can be fully charged for under 5 hours using the provided charging station that can be connected to any USB port.

The set of batteries can be charged 2000 times, and the manufacturer, based in Shenzhen, provides three years of support.


PowerA Play & Charge Kit for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One Wireless Controllers

For Series X|S and Xbox One controller

These Batteries are an affordable option for your controller as the set comes with two batteries with 1100 mAh each and a USB cable for charging. By choosing this option, you receive two batteries, so if one runs out of energy, the other one is ready to use. Or, if you have a second controller, you don't need to buy another battery. Also, the set comes with 2 x Xbox Series X|S battery doors, 2 x Xbox One battery doors.

PowerA claims that the battery's life per charge is 40 hours (probably two batteries combined). In spite of this, after testing the batteries, it seems to be around 15 hours per battery. Still, it is a decent amount of time for the price and the fact that you receive two units.

For charging them, every battery comes with a micro USB type port that you need to use as you can not charge the batteries using the in-built Type C port. Also, it has a small led light that indicates to the user that the battery is fully charged.

The manufacturer is an American company based in Washington.


Venom Xbox Controller Rechargeable Battery Twin Pack - Black

For Series X|S controller only

This is the most affordable option as for a cheap price, you also receive two batteries for your Series X|S controller. The capacity is not the best as it comes with 850Mah, so you will have to charge them more often than the official battery. Apart from the Microsoft option, this set is also available on the official Xbox website.

The batteries come with a cable that has a single type-A and 2 Type-C endings, meaning that you can charge both batteries simultaneously with just one very long cable. Also, similar to the PowerA batteries, each unit comes with a Type C port that you need to use with the cable, and it has a small green light that shows when the battery is full.

Testing the batteries, a single charge lasts for 8 to 10 hours using a wired headset, and charging them using the Xbox USB takes around 7 hours.

The manufacturer is a British company.


HEYLICOOL Battery Pack

For Series X|S and Xbox One controller

The Heylicool batteries for Xbox Series X|S and One are a very popular alternative, as every unit comes with 2550 mAh for 25 hours in constant use. Also, this option comes with two batteries and a charger that you can plug into the console USB or connect with any micro USB or Type C cable. The charger also comes with a led that can indicate when the battery is ready, and the charging time takes around 5 hours. This alternative doesn't allow you to charge the battery inside the controller, so you need to use the charger on every occasion.

The battery looks like a pair of two AA batteries joined, but it fits nicely inside the controller.


PowerA Dual Charging Station

For Series X|S and Xbox One controller

The charging station is also an excellent compact option, as you can charge two controllers using the docking stand. The set comes with two 1100 mAh batteries each and two battery doors for the Series X|S, and two battery doors for the Xbox One. Like the PowerA Play & Charge Kit from the same brand, the battery's life per charge is around 15 hours for each unit.

The docking stand uses an AC adapter that you need to connect to the socket, and it has a led that passes from amber to white when the battery is charged.


Venom Twin Charging Dock

For Series X|S controller only

The venom charging station has the option to charge two controllers simultaneously, and it has a front led that shows when the power is fully restored on each battery. The set comes with two batteries with 850 mAh capacity and a USB - Type C cable that you connect at the rear of the docking station.

The battery life is not the best compared to other options as you can play for around 10 hours, but for the price and the two batteries is a good alternative. The design is very nice, and it comes in four colours (white, red and blue).



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