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Top 15 PSVR games to play right now on your PS4 and PS5

PSVR headset and Playstation 5

Since Playstation launched the VR headset for the Playstation 4, many developers have worked hard to release experiences in recreated environments or bringing games like DOOM 2016 or Resident Evil to Virtual Reality. However, of all the games released since then, some titles stood out above the others. Therefore, we made a list of the best virtual reality games we advise you to play with the VR headset in your PS4 or PS5 if you already have the camera adaptor:

15. Statik

Statik is a puzzle game where the player's hands are trapped in a kind of machine with cables, lights and connectors. Around there are cameras, screens and various glass panels.

Each of the ten puzzles in which the game consists will present us with a series of unknowns, which will vary according to the mission. In principle, there are no clues and many buttons do nothing at the beginning, but little by little as we solve the puzzle we will see its possible functions.

It is an exciting game where the use of the DualShock control makes the player feel that the hands are inside a box.

14. Farpoint

If your taste is shooter games combined with science fiction, we recommend this game. Farpoint is a game that is recreated in an alien environment where you have to fight with different monsters, machines and even spiders in very well designed environments. We liked the image quality more than games like Firewall Zero hours. Also, it is a game that does not generate much motion sickness when playing as if it happens in some VR games like Battlezone. The game can be played in story mode or in challenges, and if you have the Aim controller, your experience in the game will be very realistic.

13. No Man's Sky VR

It is an exploration and combat game in which the player goes deep into galaxies and planets where he finds unique life forms, constant dangers and lots of action. This game is inspired by science fiction, where adventure and imagination prevail.

The player can choose to go to many places inside a ship such as distant suns where planets are orbiting and each one full of life. Exploring each of these sites can take a reasonable amount of time and can be done both on foot and by ship.

12. Thumper

Thumper VR an action and speed game with excellent musical mixes that puts us at the controls of a curious ship similar to a metallic beetle that advances through rails at increasingly devilish speeds while facing all kinds of obstacles and at the end of each stage facing final bosses. The visual aspect and the graphic effects can be very intense to the Rez style.

11. Rez Infinite

This game is a clear example of how you can improve a classic that launched the PS2 and other platforms in 2001. Infinite is undoubtedly one of the best virtual reality games available today.

The game automatically consists of pressing a button to prepare the shots, moving the sight to the targets to mark them and releasing the button to shoot while activating the elements of vivid colours and stylistic images that will feel as if you are inside a graphic musical equaliser while playing amazing songs. In each of the areas, your character will be able to evolve from a sphere becoming increasingly sophisticated models with the energy he will obtain.

This game was adapted trying to be able to satisfy the most veteran players of this classic as well as new players, and hopefully, it will. In 2016, Rez infinite won the best VR game at the Game Awards led in Los Angeles.

10. Star Trek: Bridge Crew

If you are a fan of the Star Trek franchise and have always dreamed of being inside the Starship bridge, this is definitely the game for you. Even if you are not familiar with Star Trek, the game can give you a great experience in the space where the player has a role within the ship, be it command, engineering or tactical. The game has challenges that can keep you very wrapped up in your role for quite some time. It is also a game developed preferentially to play in cooperation with other players, whether with friends or strangers so that it can give you a great time with your friends.

9. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

This game is an excellent VR adaptation of the original version of the 2011 open-world game, which was very successful at the time.

For people who are not familiar with Skyrim, it is recreated in forests and villas where you have to go through different challenges, killing the enemy with medieval weapons than you can collect.

The exciting thing about the game is that it can last quite a long time exploring different well-designed scenarios, of course, a bit pixelated, which can also become a bit demanding if you use a virtual reality headset for a long time.

However, it is a game worth taking a look at and which can be played with both the DualShock control and the Move Motion Controller.

8. Firewall Zero Hour

For lovers of shooter games, it is a highly recommended game to play online in teams where it can be played on 2 sides in groups of 4. Firewall Zero Hour is possibly the best game for multiplayer as it is fun, original. Also, if you have the Aim controller at hand, the experience can be much more real.

7. Tetris Effect

This is a Tetris in a version like you have never seen before, based on one of the most popular puzzle games of all time. The game is a unique and very addictive experience. The music, the backgrounds, the sounds and special effects, even the Tetris pieces, everything beats, dances, shines and explodes in sync with the way you play, so each of the more than 30 levels and more than ten modes offer you a different experience. You will want to play them over and over again.

6. Moss

Moss is a platform game where a small mouse is controlled with the DualShock 4 through different scenarios where there are various obstacles, enemies to defeat and puzzles to beat, which on certain occasions are challenging enough to make the game very interesting. The design of the game in virtual space is incredibly well done from end to end. The game is enjoyable and exciting to the point that when finished, it leaves a feeling of wanting to see more of the game.

5. Resident Evil 7 VR

Resident Evil 7 in VR is one of the few games brought from regular gaming to virtual reality in its entirety. Being inside the virtual space the game can become a little more chilling than in the standard version, making the experience much better for lovers of intense adventures.

For the few connoisseurs of the franchise, Resident Evil is a survival horror game where the mission is to survive the attack of the zombies in high combat scenarios.

One of the advantages of VR gaming is that you can be more aware of those around you, so getting rid of zombies or other enemies can be a bit easier than the standard one. The game is well developed, designed and rated by critics in general, and it is long enough to have a good experience.

For the best gaming experience, we recommend having the Move Motion Controllers on hand.

4. Blood & Truth

Another excellent option if you like well-designed action shooter games with a story in which you can interact.

The game provides the player with different weapons such as rifles, pistols and explosives that can be manipulated. Besides, that the weapons can be customised. The game is recreated in different settings such as cities, deserts, casinos, among others. The effects are one of the best that can be found in VR.

As time goes by in the story, the game gets more and more interesting and as there are scoring systems that can be improved by obtaining more skill, the different stages can be repeated to improve the rating.

For the best gaming experience, we recommend you to have the Move Motion Controllers on hand.

3. Superhot VR

It is a game with different challenges and combat scenarios where the mission is to destroy the enemy either with a pistol, fists or various implements that the game provides such as bottles, glasses, etc. Also, to defeat multiple enemies and plan the attack, it is necessary to analyse the items that are around the scenery, taking advantage that the enemy remains still and does not attack if the player doesn't move. It is a very entertaining game that you can also play with other gamers. Move Motion Controller is recommended for this game.

2. Beat Saber

The game consists of destroying blue and red flying boxes with two sabres (like a Star Wars lightsaber style) with the same two colours. As the stages pass, the game becomes increasingly physically demanding as the speed and positions of the boxes vary. So why go to a gym to do cardio exercises if you lose several calories with this game?.

To fully use this game, you need to have the Move Motion Controllers on hand to simulate the sabres in the virtual space.

1. Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Winner of multiple awards for best VR game in 2018, Astrobots is without a doubt one of the best games on the market, and the one to really consider playing.

It is a platform game with a similar style to the classic Nintendo Super Mario Bros but in virtual reality where you have to pass various obstacles in different scenarios, either in the jungle, at sea or on flying platforms in the sky.

The remarkable thing about this game is the quality of details achieved and the proportions within the virtual space are well designed. Also, there is a vast amount of creativity as to how the player can be part of the game through the DualShock controller, which in some stages it becomes a water hose, a pistol or other instruments.

It is a game that although it is only for one person, is also enjoyable and recommended to play with your partner or friends.

One of the most significant features that I have perceived in many virtual reality games is that they are somewhat short and can be completed in a few hours. However, despite its 20 stages, it also has 26 challenges which can make the game a little longer to enjoy than average.

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