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DualSense VS Xbox Series X|S controller, which one is better?

After several months of using both controllers almost every day and finally having new colours available for the PS5 DualSense, why not compare both controllers and check the best and the worst aspects that each controller has without being the typical fanboy?.

Both consoles are unique with outstanding performance and image quality, and most gamers are prising their consoles on social media, creating sometimes big debates about which one is the best. However, I believe the controller plays a massive role in how the player gets immersed in the game, and in my opinion, Sony did a better job than Microsoft as the controller is more innovative and offers more features to the player, without removing any merit to the Series X|S controller which is still an excellent device.

Design and quality

But, what makes special the DualSense controller for this new generation? Just holding the controller feels more premium and better manufactured than the Series X|S. The features and technology that it has inside make you feel that the controller belongs to a new generation. The design has been renewed with a modern one, even the multicolour light around the touchpad looks very cool, and the size of the controller is bigger and more ergonomic than the DualShock 4. Microsoft, instead, kept almost the same design compared to the previous controller except for the new sharing button in the middle and some improvements in reducing lagging and better grip. However, I believe the size of the Xbox controller feels better, especially if you have small hands or a kid is using the controller, and it feels more ergonomic than the PS5 one.

The buttons on the Xbox controller are slightly noisier when you press them, and the main button is somewhat unresponsive. Even for turning the console on, I have to push the button to depth. Well, at least it is good as I'm not turning the console on by accident anytime I clean the controller, something very often with the PS4 controller.


The PS5 'adaptive triggers' are fantastic. In fact, you can feel the difference between the gun that you are firing in games like Call of Duty War Zone. This is thanks to a set of gears and a motor that each trigger has that creates resistance on different angles plus vibration. However, let's be fair and mention that the Xbox controller has a feature called 'impulsive triggers' since 2013 with the Xbox One. Basically, it is an independent vibration motor in both triggers that also makes you feel you are shooting a gun, or when you break a car on Forza, you feel the friction of the wheels with the asphalt. Few developers took advantage of the 'impulsive triggers' during the last seven years or more, including Xbox Game Studios, and Many Xbox gamers had to experience this feature in limited games. However, this is expected to change, and the fact that Sony has adaptive triggers will incentive more developers to include some effects on the triggers for both consoles.

The only question is, how long will the adaptive triggers last without breaking or having an issue? The amount of tension that you can feel in some games makes me think about the quality of the mechanism after constant use, especially since I have seen gamers punishing the controllers very hard. There are already many controllers from both consoles having issues with the analogue sticks drifting.


Now, the PS5 controller has its majestic 'haptic feedback' thanks to a haptic motor inside that makes you feel the drops when it rains, or that you have something inside the controller that moves from one side to the other and other effects. I believe Sony scored a hit with this feature that is a step forward, leaving behind the old and common vibration system.

The Xbox controller has the standard vibration rumble motor inside that combines pretty well with the vibration of the triggers. However, not much innovation compared to the previous controller.


Probably this is one of the most significant arguments about the Xbox Controller and the fact that Microsoft doesn't provide a rechargeable battery and the USB Type C cable when you buy the console. Actually, I like that you can remove the battery when it runs out of energy, and it's not an internal one that if you want to change in the future, you will need expert help or watch a YouTube tutorial about how to open the controller without breaking it.

But, how is it possible that you unbox the console, and the only batteries that you get are a pair of AA batteries that are not even rechargeable?. for the $499 or £449 in the UK, Sony offers a console with a controller that you can recharge and a type A to Type C cable, that is a good deal!.

In terms of battery life, the DualSense has a decent battery life for its features and even if you plug in a wired headset. Some gamers on social media argue that the battery life is relatively short, but in my opinion, it is not bad as it has 1,560 mAh compared to the previous 1,000 mAh DualShock 4.

On the other hand, the battery life in the Xbox controller depends on which battery you select for your controller, and whether it is rechargeable or not. There are available excellent rechargeable batteries with 2,500 mAh that you can use for many hours even if you have connected a headset in the 3.5mm plug.

Other features

The PS5 DualSense has a built-in microphone that you can use if you don't have a headset available. Also, it has a bigger touchpad that is available since the previous generation and an improved speaker that sounds louder and clearer.


Since the PS5 and XB S X|S were launched, many customised skins are available on Amazon for both controllers. However, we finally have two new colours available for the PS5 DualSense. But Xbox has more colour variations as officially there are available six colours, including a camouflaged one. Since mid-June, the Xbox design lab offers a customised controller for $69.99 that anyone can personalise using a palette of 18 colours. Practically all parts of the controller can have a different colour, and even engraving a 16 characters message is possible for an extra $9.99.

Visit Xbox Design Lab:

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